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I'm a software engineer and varisty soccer player, passionate about using technology to create lasting impact on society.

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Personal Projects

The majority of my work is not open-sourced, however here's a few projects to showcase some of my skills!

AI Real Estate Predictor

Click above to see the demo!

Path Finding Visualization

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Real Time Operating System Testing Framework

C / Concurrency / Systems Programming

LeetCode Algorithms

Algorithms Questions Solved

Checkout my Github

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2018-2023 expected

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

University of Waterloo
Relevant Courses:
  • Concurrency & Systems Program (97%)
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Compilers
  • Computer Networking
  • Databases
  • Real Time Operating Systems

IB Diploma Graduate

Michael Power HS

Achieved an average of 94% in the International Baccalaureate program.


May - September 2022

Software Engineer

November-May 2021

Software Engineer

Federato AI
  • Enabled the scaling of microservices implementing a middleware GraphQL federation layer at the edge of our network with Apollo, and infrastructure allowing for diagonal scalability across functional aggregation and pod availability
  • Using Terraform, implemented custom Hashicorp Vault secrets management solution with mutating webhook injector sidecars, advanced audit log, access management and more on a separate isolated VPC / Kubernetes cluster for each client
  • Refactored infrastructure mono-repo into micro-service like modules deployed on Terraform Cloud with Git driven build triggers, enabling mass scaling of infrastructure, clients, and engineers through tight isolation and code versioning
  • Increased security transitioning K8s cluster to being private, automatically configuring a VPN for each client through TF
  • Redesigned CD pipeline with newly private cluster to deploy on a push basis from within the cluster itself in a GitOps driven way with ArgoCD, converting some application deployments from TF into Helm repositories referenced by Argo
November-May 2021

Lead QA Architect / Backend Engineer

Enso Connect
  • Led the development from conception to production of an automation test suite and GitHub CI/CD end-to-end dev-ops pipeline, effectively managing a team of 3 people working remotely around the world in pressurized startup environment
  • Created testing framework to entire web-app functionality, with Puppeteer driven tests
  • Found and debugged hundreds of bugs / played a large role in refactoring backend for agnostic and test-driven dev
  • Implemented / optimized Elasticsearch indexes and queries on DynamoDB to speed up API performance significantly
  • Led integration of 2000+ VRBO properties into Enso Connect property management / communications platforms
  • Took on large independent back-end projects and integrations in Serverless, NoSQL, AWS stack whilst managing team
January-May 2021

Software Engineer Contract

  • Independently developed a comprehensive testing server complementary to our large-scale feed handler processing real - time trading data, with multiple threads utilizing UDP and TCP protocols
  • Optimized retransmission request algorithm for missing data sequences, speeding up feed handler latency exponentially from minutes to seconds
  • Conceptualized and created an internal cloud-monitoring full stack application. Collected data and video recorded the status of internal servers using ILO APIs and Puppeteer. Upon critical server errors, mass email/Slack messages are sent allowing the company to save thousands being able to react to server/network failures immediately
  • Created Vue.JS frontend to display both up-to-date and historical server statuses, updated periodically
January-May 2021

Data Engineer

TD Bank
  • Enhanced performance of existing ETL processes and SQL queries for reporting and analytic purposes using SQL server relational databases
  • Experienced in analyzing anomalies in tables and statistical reports to debug faulty streamlines in stored SQL procedures
  • Initiated building and optimization of big data pipelines for structured and unstructured data in analytical models
  • Automated C# and Python scripts to load and transform data in ETLs
January-May 2021

Lead Software Developer

Sky View Suites
  • Created over 50% of PHP Laravel web app resulting in the automation of numerous business processes such as accounting, statistical reporting, and client management, in addition to working on Vue.js PWA and Python project
  • Constructed dynamic user interfaces, creatively displaying API data using JavaScript clean and effectively
  • Proposed and facilitated the implementation of enterprise CI dev-ops pipeline with Jenkins builds and unit tests
  • Communicated technically complex issues to partners, understanding business implications of software solutions
January-May 2019

Full-Stack Developer

Ford Motor Co.
  • Developed web-application in Java; interfaced REST APIs in Spring/MVC framework to provide diagnostic insights
  • management, in addition to working on Vue.js PWA and Python project
  • Designed and implemented UI using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and associated frameworks JQuery, Knockout, Require.js
  • Acquired a proficiency using SQL Server interfacing over 50 tables, making efficient and modular database calls using jOOQ Object Oriented Querying, in addition to modifying Bash scripts migrating and structuring data
  • Experienced with cherry-picks, rebases, branching, and other complicated features of Git version control


Luke Mckim

“Stefan’s understanding of concurrency and socket-programming was impressive over the term. Above all his ability to continuously think in terms of optimizing resource utilization and algorithmic latency helped him strive in this position.” -Senior Engineer

Francois Gouelo

Enso Connect
“Stefan’s interpersonal skills created a collaborative environment of sharing of ideas” … “His strong understanding of software fundamentals, convention, and modern infrastructure was demonstrated during his time at Enso.” - CEO / Founder


Varsity / Semi-Pro Soccer

    Leadership, mental toughness and communication developed playing for the University and with North Mississauga League One, training 5-8 times a week playing against the best in Ontario

Piano Performance

    Creativity and expressiveness developed through piano performance at the highest level achieve RCM level 10 certification

Math / Programming Tutor / Swim Instructor

    Developed strong language skills being able to communicate technically complex in collaborative setting





















I'm Available for Fall 2022

Looking for Co-op or Contract Position Starting in May.


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